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    My real name is Edwin Pineda and I'm a Graphic Designer.
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A Little About Me

Back when I was in school, instead of taking notes in class, I doodled... a lot*. When I bought my first Mac and learned that instead of doodling on paper, I could doodle on a computer—It was FANTASTIC! Eventually the doodling evolved into design, and man, did I love doing it. At one point, someone offered to pay me for designing some stuff for them... and I said “heck, this is what I’m doing for the rest of my life!”

My name is Edwin and I’m the founder of Blue Monkey Design Studio—I live, eat and drink design. If I were Batman, Blue Monkey Design Studio would be my Batcave. It is the place where your company will find it’s visual message.

Print to web, it’s all in my DNA**. The only thing I like more than designing stuff is drinking coffee and watching Star Wars movies (or anything related to Star Wars, books, cartoons... but I digress.) Anyhow, feel free to check some of the work. There is plenty more—I've been doing this for over 20 years—but I'm featuring only a small selection. If you would like to see more, or have specific needs, please click here for contact information. Let’s talk and figure out how I can serve you best.

* Don't tell my kids this, as far as they’re concerned, I studied and took diligent notes.
**Apparently baldness is also in my DNA... that one's a bummer.


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